Influencer Marketing

We connect brands with influencers to build brand awareness, drive consumer trust, and generate ROI.

As a leading influencer marketing agency, Represent will help you develop meaningful relationships with key players in your industry.   

Our Approach

Influencer market research

We will get to grips with your sector and identify the most influential individuals making noise in this space. From social media micro-influencers to renowned journalists and industry figures, we will build a network of influencers that should be on your radar.

Influencer outreach

With contacts across a wide range of industries including education, agriculture, and small business, Represent will leverage its existing network to help you establish more presence in the sector.

Our expert team of influencer marketers will foster meaningful relationships with people of influence and content creators, enabling you to develop personal connections and powerful collaborations.

Influencer Strategy

We will devise a bespoke influencer marketing strategy that focuses on delivering your key business objectives, including getting you in front of your target audiences.

Depending on your brand and business requirements our influencer marketing strategy will draw upon a range of influencer activations and tactics. This includes:

Brand partnerships, gifted experiences, events, influencer engagement, product placement, and influencer advertising.

Content creation

Our expert team will collaborate with top content creators to produce innovative, engaging, and bold content that both speaks to the influencer’s audience and meets your brief.

Evaluation and optimisation

Measurement is key to our success at Represent. We will assess the impact of all campaigns to ensure KPIs are being met and your business is seeing a ROI. Regular analysis and optimisation will ensure influencer activations are hitting the spot.

Why work with Represent?

Represent is an award-winning digital marketing and PR agency in Scotland with specialist skills in influencer marketing.

Not only do we know how to develop an effective influencer marketing strategy, but we are also highly experienced in the art of content creation and will ensure that you are targeting your audience with the right message, on the right platform, at the right time.

“Represent works in partnership with us to deliver consistently high results for our management team and tenants, helping us reach key audiences, raise brand awareness, and build a credible presence in the media”

Annmarie McClean, St. Enoch Centre Marketing Manager

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