Top education influencers

Top Education Influencers

Represent is an experienced education PR agency in Scotland and we are experts when it comes to navigating the challenges facing the education sector – you could call us the teacher’s pet!

We have worked with some impressive and passionate education clients to raise their profile and connect them with the right people, including Merchiston Castle School, the Scottish Council of Independent Schools, and the Royal Highland Education Trust.

If you work in education, then you should know about these education influencers to make sure you’re top of the class.

Jon Severs, Editor of TES

You will most likely already be familiar with TES, the Times Education Supplement. This long-running publication has garnered a loyal following – those in the education sphere look to it for comments and insight on the topics of the day.

A journalist for 15 years, Jon has written for leading B2B publications including The Grocer and RetailWeek. Jon joined the Times Education Supplement in 2012 as Features Editor, before being appointed as Commissioning Editor in 2013. In 2021 he became the Editor of TES.

Jon’s experience and position in the sector give him unique insight into the big stories and trends in the education news landscape.

Ben Newmark, Education blogger and vice-principal

Starting as a teacher 15 years ago, Ben Newmark is now Head of Humanities at his current school. He chronicles his experiences in the teaching world, offering advice on strategies that work – and those that don’t.

Whether offering insight into teaching methods or pondering the virtues and flaws of the profession, Ben Newmark provides honest and perception-changing anecdotes.

Ben’s blog is certainly one to follow diligently – he gives a unique insight into the world of teaching with an on-the-ground perspective. 

Sophie Bailey, EdTech Podcast founder

Launched in 2016 by techspert Sophie Bailey, The EdTech Podcast seeks to enhance the relationship between tech and education. Meeting with guests from across the education and technology industries, Sophie gets down to the nitty gritty of how education professionals can use technology to allow innovation and improvement in all facets of the industry.

She has also curated the TES leaders’ summit and works as a consultant for tech and education organisations.

John Dickens, Schools Week Editor

Schools Week is another go-to publication for those working in the education sector. Featuring insightful pieces from principals, policy makers, public bodies and charities, Schools Week is dialled in to the latest educational developments.

Having worked as a chief reporter for Schools Week before taking a year-long sabbatical to travel the world, John re-joined Schools Week in 2018 as editor. With his finger on the pulse of the education industry, he’s certainly one to follow closely.

Each of these education influencers are experts in the sector, with many coming from a teaching background, so their knowledge and expertise can be trusted. Whatever your role in the education sector it is worth knowing who these people are and connecting where possible.

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