Media Training Scotland

Our media training is devised by media experts and delivered in person or online from our offices in Scotland.

Securing media coverage is only one part of the PR package. When clients are placed under this spotlight it is important that they can deliver.

We will help you to stay calm and deliver a killer elevator pitch to build confidence in your brand.

Represent’s media training will help delegates to:
  • Feel confident when dealing with members of the press and other key stakeholders.
  • Understand what journalists are looking for and how best to deliver your key messaging.
  • Prepare for answering difficult questions and learn how to pivot to positive lines of questioning.
  • Represent training is delivered by media experts and experienced news journalists backed by decades of experience. We have supported numerous clients with tailored media training solutions in Scotland and in Ireland.

What is covered?
  • Overview of how the media works – print, digital and social media
  • How to prepare for a media interview and techniques to stay calm!
  • Preparing and delivering your killer elevator pitch
  • Interview skills including how to handle difficult questions
  • Role-play common scenarios you could face
  • Evaluation and feedback

Does your organisation need media training?

Represent media training is delivered by experts in the field.  We will present you with likely real-life scenarios relevant to your business and sector and give you the tools to deal with them with confidence.

Get in touch for information on our tailored media training solutions.

Represent have the industry knowledge and expertise that is so vital for RHASS and RHS and second to none. They are a safe pair of hands which is key in our industry.”

Amy Briggs, marketing manager, RHASS & Royal Highland Show

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