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Our approach

As a leading Scottish PR agency, at Represent Comms, we understand the impact a crisis can have on your hard-earned reputation. With over two decades of experience, our founder and Managing Director, Judith O’Leary, has been at the forefront of crisis management, offering unparalleled crisis communications expertise to secure and protect your brand and senior leadership.

Why invest in Crisis Management Planning?

Investing in crisis management planning is not merely about mitigating risks; it’s about equipping your organisation with the tools and strategies to emerge stronger and more resilient. Preparation is the key to turning potential adversity into an opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s values, agility, and leadership.

What to do in a Crisis?

When a crisis hits, swift and structured action is essential. Here’s how crisis comms agency Represent can guide you through:

Immediate assistance: Access to our crisis communication professionals to provide swift assessment and action.

Expert guidance: We offer tailored advice on how to communicate effectively with your stakeholders and the public.

Media management: Our media training and management services ensure that your spokespeople are prepared, and messages are clear and consistent.

Our crisis communications services

Crisis Planning: Expert development of a robust crisis management strategy tailored to your needs.

Media Training: Hands-on training to handle press and media interactions confidently.

Issues Management: Monitoring and managing ongoing issues to prevent crises.

Media Handling: Professional support during crisis-related media interactions.

Statement Drafting: Crafting clear, concise, and effective statements for various audiences.

Ready to protect your brand?

Don’t wait for a crisis to reveal the need for preparation. Invest in your organisation’s future today with Edinburgh’s top crisis comms agency. 

“To be confidently held by Represent and have access to your extensive network, in what was unfamiliar and precarious territory for an organisation of our size and composition, was reassuring. I speak on behalf of the whole team to say we are enormously grateful to you.” – Trusted Partner

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