Our process

Working with Represent…

Working collaboratively with clients gets the best result.  Our work is based on a thorough understanding of your business, your challenges and the audiences you wish to influence. This insight allows us to create effective campaigns tailored to your business.

How we work

The power of collaboration

We work with media, brands and consumers alike and use our creativity and curiosity to find increasingly imaginative ways to raise our clients’ profile and standing.  We start with the story, craft and optimise the communications, then connect and collaborate to amplify your brand.

Creating content

Crafting strong ideas and stories to give your brand stand-out and being prepared to collaborate creatively with customers, other brands and key influencers.


Working as one fluid team to optimise all content for distribution so it can be found. The right balance of creativity and digital know-how can only be found with all eyes on a shared end vision.

Distribution via earned media

Press, independent journalists, contributors and influencers i.e. website editors, bloggers, vloggers, key digital content writers.

Paid amplification

Taking premium content and building the advertising campaign across relevant online social media channels from LinkedIn to Instagram and beyond.


Track all content reads, views, mentions, replies, comments, retweets, likes and shares.


Feed insight back into the strategic loop for stronger future ideas.

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“There’s no point in making history if you don’t tell anyone!  Represent certainly told the world through their media contacts which are second to none.” 

Martin Tangney, founder, Celtic Renewables

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