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At Represent we are an experienced agriculture PR agency. As experts in this sector we’ve worked with many big names from the industry, including Scotland’s largest outdoor event, the Royal Highland Show, for the past 10 years. The biggest event in the agriculture calendar in the UK brings together agricultural influencers, producers, farmers, key media and of course the general public from around the world.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, its people, organisations and influencers that, if you want to reach this sector, you NEED to know. But do you? The agricultural and rural sector is massive, so knowing who’s who is key when wanting to enter or expand your business in the industry.

We’ve listed below some of the top agricultural influencers that should be on everyone’s radar…

Farmers Guardian

Farmers Guardian is the largest multi-platform agricultural information business in the UK. They stretch across arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment. Being a top player in the sector means they are farmer-centric.

With nearly 48k followers on social media they are a key player in the industry. Providing daily industry updates across their website and social media channels, this publication keeps you well informed and can help you share your message to the right audience.

Scottish Farmer

This magazine is 128-year-old this year and is staple reading for any Scottish agricultural business. The Scottish Farmer cover a wide and varied range of topics; business, livestock, lifestyle, arable, machinery and equine.

Being a weekly magazine they tap into social media very successfully to be present daily in the sector. With almost 11k active twitter followers The Scottish Farmer is one whose features, articles and stories you should pay attention to.  So, should definitely be on your hitlist for sharing your next big agri-announcement!

National Farmers Union – Scotland

The National Farmers Union organisation represents farmers from all over Scotland. They have a very high public profile through their forceful and truthful defence of the interests’ that relate directly back to the farmer.

With a high online following they use this to tell the real story of farming. They are a membership organisation with over 2,400 members throughout Scotland.  If you want to be in the know about agriculture and farming and have access to the members insights, you need to engage with NFU.

The Farming Forum

This is a platform where farmers can get together and talk about the issues that are important to them with fellow farmers.

Although farmers are the main users of The Farming Forum, there is a good opportunity for discussion. Their social media following is very high and if what farmers are really concerned with is what you want to action and engage with, then the forum and its social channels are where you need to focus.

OnFARM rural podcast 

OnFARM: Food, Agricultural and Rural Matters in Scotland is an up-to-date, exciting podcast presented by Anna Davies and Ross Montague. Together Anna and Ross showcase the very best of Scottish rural life, exploring the issues, challenges, trends and lives of those working in the sector.

Speaking with key figures and institutions in the sector, including our client the Royal Highland Show Ultimately, OnFARM highlights the realities of working in the agriculture sector, while championing the producers, grafters, and innovators who put food on our tables and keep our countryside green.

If you are looking for an insight on a particular topic in the industry you can be sure you’ll find it at OnFARM rural podcast.

Girl about the farm

This girl about the farm is Laura Hodgkins, and she left her high flying life in the big city to move to the country and become a full-time farmer.

If you want a completely fresh take on farming life Laura’s blog is where you need to go. She provides a completely fresh perspective on farming life which makes her a unique influencer in the industry. With the benefit of a marketing background she has a large social media following that’ll give you the ins and outs of farming life in real time.

BBC 4 – Farming Today

A lot of people in the industry listen to BBC 4’s Farming Today programme religiously. It is the go to broadcast channel for the main concerns and issues that impact the agriculture industry and rural life in the country, including the political landscape.

They are always at the forefront of the topics that matter to their listeners, and as you would expect with the BBC, they are very active online and have a loyal following that engage regularly. So definitely one to be aware of as one of the major agricultural influencers.

There EWE have it, the top agricultural influencers you need to know about! These are wide and varied platforms that offer great detail and insight into the industry whether you are a complete newcomer or a seasoned farming veteran.

At Represent we have well established relationships with these and many other agricultural influencers and can help you make connections for your business.

If you want to engage with agricultural influencers to expand your business in the sector or you’re already part of the industry and want help in boosting your company’s profile, contact us.

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