Introducing… The Edinburgh Inquirer

Here ye here ye! There’s a brand-new newspaper in town. 

The Edinburgh Inquirer is the city’s latest digital newspaper and brainchild of Euan McGrory, former editor of the Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman and editor-in-chief at National World, three-times Scottish Business Journalist of the Year Kenny Kemp and award-winning journalist David Forsyth. 

Being the news-hungry, plugged-in PRs that we are, we wanted to know ALL about it. 

Euan visited us at Represent HQ for a coffee ahead of the launch to talk all things The Edinburgh Enquirer. Now we’re passing that insider knowledge onto you. 

Why did you launch The Edinburgh Inquirer? 

“It is no secret that local journalism is in decline, with diminishing turnover and soaring costs resulting in dwindling staff numbers and oftenpoor coverage of the stories that matter. 

“The Edinburgh Inquirer, simply put, aims to revitalise high-quality, long-form journalism in Edinburgh - with none of those annoying pop-up ads. 

“Taking a new approach to news coverage, one that produces well-researched, in-depth journalism about the local community, we will offer something new and exciting to Edinburgh readers.” 

Sounds good! What stories are you looking to cover? 

“We’re going to deep dive into the topics and issues that are genuinely affecting the capital city.  

“This will include business, politics, the environment, education culture and city life – the stories that are relevant to real people in Edinburgh and the Lothians 

“And, while the coverage in the Edinburgh Inquirer will be broad, our stories are guided by five key ‘themes’: the economy, sustainability, the best of the city, decision-makers and the future of Edinburgh.” 

What businesses or individuals are you keen to hear from? 

“Businesses or people making a real difference to the city. We will be speaking to activists, local council members, and policymakers with big ideas and plans for Edinburgh. 

“We want to hear from businesses and entrepreneurs with compelling stories who are contributing to the capital’s growth and success. Businesses that are paving the way for change, be it in terms of sustainability, AI or education.”  

How frequently do you publish? 

“The free weekly round-up will be sent out to our mailing list every Monday morning. 

“Paid members will receive eight exclusive editions each month, each packed with the city’s latest business developments, political insights and interest stories.” 

How much does it cost to sign up as a member? 

“Signing up as a fully paid member costs only £8 a month or £80 a year! 

“In addition to the eight exclusive editions a month, paid members receive access to a members-only online forum and invitations to our live events.” 

Sign up to the Edinburgh Inquirer here 

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