My experience as an intern at Represent

Over the last 6 weeks, Ella Wallace has interned with us at Represent to gain real-life insight into the world of PR and digital marketing. Now that the internship is coming to a close, we asked Ella to share her experience at one of Edinburgh’s leading PR and comms agencies.

Give it up for Ella!

I like to think that Represent is not like the other firms when it comes to the intern experience. Hearing from my peers about their varied internships, I feel immense gratitude to have been given this opportunity at Represent. Gaining invaluable hands-on experience of the industry while getting paid a living wage is not the norm for most students!

What were my first impressions of Represent?

Integrating into agency life was surprisingly easy! I was warmly welcomed by the team, which allowed me to fit right in, get stuck into the work and build my confidence quickly. Communication was always encouraged, with an emphasis on asking questions no matter how silly they may seem.

On my first day, I was thrown in the deep end by attending the Royal Highland Show – one of Represent’s longest-standing clients. From experiencing the buzz of the press room, to seeing the team addressing media queries, I got to see what Represent would have in store for me!

What was the structure like at Represent?

Working within an all-female team has been an extremely empowering experience to say the least. It gave me a great sense of pride to be part of an organisation comprised of strong independent individuals who each bring unique, instrumental qualities to the team. And although it may be cliché to say, Represent truly is a family who are there for one another to celebrate achievements and offer support when things get tough.

At the heart of Represent is Judith – founder and managing director of the company. Judith’s impressive ability to remain professional and productive in any given situation is admirable. She is not afraid to make difficult decisions and being self-assured, she gives our team a stable environment to work in. Judith’s leadership encourages you to have confidence in your actions, celebrates your successes and supports you when you need it most. She is a true inspiration to all the women at Represent!

We operate on a hybrid working model which really suits my way of life. The model provides a good routine with the ability to get a change of scenery throughout the working week – which helped to keep me engaged and motivated!

Team meetings take place at the start of our working day, whether in the office or at home. At these, we gather to discuss our agendas, goals, and my favourite part – ‘how we live our values’! Here we share how the team has demonstrated one of Represent’s six core values, which shows they’re more than just words!

What will I take away from my experience at Represent?

When attending the Royal Highland Show, I was really impressed with each of my colleagues’ incredible relationships with individuals such as journalists, presenters, and the client themself. I have been able to further witness my team’s ability to build valuable relationships since then and it has emphasised how important networking and putting yourself out there is in PR and communications.

Being an all-female team, I was not surprised by the impressive organisational system put in place throughout Represent. From digital file management to the format of documents, I soon recognised the importance of how getting the little things done right allows everything else to run smoothly!

Finally, an incredibly healthy and refreshing surprise for me has been the incredible work-life balance at Represent. Growing up in a fast-paced society with ever-advancing technology, I have witnessed how we can fall into poor habits when working. At Represent, you are encouraged to take a sufficient lunch break and stop working at a suitable (and contracted) hour! This work-life structure is something I will prioritise as I begin my journey into the world of work.

Represent is always looking for talented individuals to welcome to the team! If you would like to be considered for a living wage internship, send your CV to

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