The power of positive female role models

Positive  role models  influence our actions and motivate us to strive to uncover our true potential. As part of Represent’s commitment to ‘giving back’ we support a number of young women who are embarking on their careers through a mentoring programme. In this blog, we hear from Alannah Norton, Communications Officer at ILF Scotland, on her experience of working with our founder and MD, Judith O’Leary.   How having a mentor can empower the female workforce Last year I asked Judith O’Leary to be my mentor to help guide me to success in both my personal and professional life. Having worked with Judith in the past, I knew that she would be the perfect mentor for me as she is a great role model for any female working in the PR and communications industry and I have always admired her. Being at the beginning of my career I am keen to progress, and having Judith as a mentor has been invaluable to my both my career and personal development.   What having a mentor means to me Having Judith as a mentor allows me to speak freely about the big challenges, and even bigger wins, I have experienced in both my professional and personal life. When it comes to work, I appreciate having an impartial source who can analyse situations with a fresh pair of eyes and help guide me through difficult situations appropriately and successfully. Being an expert in communication herself, Judith has provided me with good strategies for communicating effectively and has coached me in how to have powerful and professional conversations.   Why I value our mentoring sessions Mentoring sessions at Represent always leave me feeling empowered and inspired. Judith helps me brainstorm ideas on how to grow in my role and encourages me to reach my goals and continue to develop the skills I already have. Judith helps me benchmark success and together we push boundaries to gain results I never knew were possible.   Why it is important to have a mentor at every career stage I believe every female should have a mentor, no matter where they might be in their career. Mentoring can help pinpoint and develop specific skills an individual might already have and can push boundaries and comfort zones. It is essential at every point in an individual’s career to continue to push these boundaries as it allows them to continuously thrive and achieve their potential. Women can and should learn from each other and, through mentoring, women can grow into fearless and powerful leaders.   At Represent, we are experts in collaborating to produce amazing results for our clients. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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