International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

Represent’s campaign to showcase successful business women has captured the mood of the moment.

We are living in a time when women’s voices have never been louder, bringing to light injustices and inequality experienced by women in all walks of life.

So today in honour International Women’s Day, we asked inspiring women across Scotland to share with us in one word that sums up what it takes to be successful in business.  The results may surprise you.

Think about your word of the day and make it your mantra for the future.

Judith O’Leary, managing director, Represent


“My wish for women is to be resilient – having superior inner strength will give you the confidence to take bold steps, see off set-backs and be an inspiring manager who is fearless In the pursuit of her dreams.”




Julie Grieve, CEO and founder, Criton Apps




Rebecca Kelly, CEO and co-founder, Venuescanner






Jo Andrews, fundraising and partnerships manager, RHASS







Gillian Bruce, advice and engagement manager, SEPA



Brigid Whoriskey, managing director, Envision Business Solutions






Katrina Barclay, manager, RHET




Abby Richards, marketing co-ordinator, Stirling District Tourism





Lynda Hamilton-Parker, publishing editor, Holistic Scotland Magazine




Marie Livingston, society secretary, RHASS





Becky Peters, sales co-ordinator, Saltire Hospitality



Penny Montgomery, chief executive, SAYFC







Saskia Robertson, founder, Edinburgh Letters



Sharon Stanton, chief executive, Cre8te






Stef O’Gorman, director of sustainable economics, Jacobs




Hannah Tulloch, associate director, Represent

“Emotional Intelligence”

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