Holland Cooper

Holland Cooper: The Importance of Branding

Holland Cooper, the luxury fashion brand, made their much anticipated arrival to Edinburgh last month with a prime position on Multrees Walk. The chain, owned by entrepreneur Jade Holland Cooper and introduced to the Scotland retail space by Nadia Cunningham offer a range of luxury items from stunning tweed capes to fur lined parka jackets.

Following huge demand at the Royal Highland Show, their high end range opened to huge appeal at the end of November after a fantastic transformation of the old Vidal Sassoon store. The miraculous overhaul happened in record time, and the team behind Holland Cooper Edinburgh tasked us with creating window hoarding synonymous with their brand that would create real stand out.

A window display is real arsenal for announcing your arrival and starts an instantaneous buzz. From regular fans to those in the dark, people were soon aware that a new player was in town. It is essential displays turn heads but is also a chance to showcase your personality.

With any display, you must keep it simple and get a sense of what emotion a brand is trying to convey. In our case, luxury was key – the collection of creative assets Holland Cooper had was ideal in crafting something incredibly eye-catching. Our graphic design team complimented the striking image with some simple yet effective overlays and branding to captivate passers by.

The installation itself requires careful planning: from exact measurements, to permissions, to safety and timing. We were lucky enough to work with the best in the business, McRobb Display who were not only incredibly professional but worked to turn around fairly complex artwork in record time.

If you have a chance, to nip into Holland Cooper and see their fabulous collection. I’m sure, like us, you will be instant converts.

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