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During times of change, organisations look to stakeholders for support. This will only be successful if strong relationships have been cultivated in periods of stability. If you need help developing your relationships, talk to a top stakeholder communications agency. Let’s have a chat.

Engaging stakeholders

Effective communication with an organisation’s stakeholders is central to corporate social responsibility and overall success.

While many forward-thinking businesses recognise the importance of this, some might still believe they can operate unnoticed, without being held accountable.

The advent of social media has put an end to this outdated perspective. Consumers now hold organisations accountable on public platforms, demanding to be heard and consulted on decisions that affect them.

During periods of change, organisations often turn to their stakeholders for support. However, if these relationships have not been nurtured over time, the success of such efforts may be limited.

Mastering stakeholder communications

The greatest challenge in managing stakeholder relations is identifying and segmenting them based on their interests and priorities.

While a neighbour a few doors down may not seem relevant as a customer or specifier at first, they can become a top-priority audience if you consider expanding your premises.

Determining the most effective communication channels relies on understanding your stakeholders. We work across various platforms, including social media, press, print, community groups, and briefings. This allows us to control and tailor the message to each stakeholder group.

Management buy-in is essential and can be achieved by highlighting the importance of stakeholder management and engagement. While some leaders naturally understand its significance, others may need convincing.

Building meaningful stakeholder relationships is crucial. Clearly define your objectives and demonstrate follow-through, even when the message may not always be positive. This approach builds trust and credibility.

Enlist an expert…

If you are seeking support in developing and managing stakeholder relationships, we are here to help. As an experienced stakeholder communications agency, we understand the significance of human connection, warmth, and expertise. Let’s have a conversation and explore how we can assist you.

We have worked with leading member organisations and associations on winning stakeholder communications strategies including Causeway Ireland Scotland Business Exchange, BITA and RHASS.

See our case study on stakeholder engagement here.

Represent challenged our messaging and crafted compelling pillars of communication that brought to life the Society’s success in the ongoing delivery of our charitable remit. Represent is a valuable partner to the Society

Alain Laidlaw, RHASS chief executive

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