How to make your PR brief a recipe for success

When it comes to creating amazing PR campaigns, the proof is very much in the pudding. And when it comes to puddings, a great recipe is a must! Spending time perfecting your PR brief will pay dividends when it comes to ensuring that your agency knows the challenge you are facing and what success looks like for your company. 

The best PR briefs are well structured, easily followed and will provide important and relevant information about your company. So, what makes the perfect PR brief? We’ve outlined the key elements all PR briefs should cover below. 

Background information

Your PR brief doesn’t need to contain your entire company history, but it should contain information relevant to your objectives, values and goals. What is the purpose of your organisation? What are your aspirations? 

Give enough background information to understand the current position of your organisation, an idea of what you’re aiming for and any particular challenges your company is facing. This information will provide a solid basis for crafting some creative comms to help you achieve your goals. 

Target audience

At the briefing stage, you should make it clear who your target audience is. Defining your target audience will enable you to ensure your communications are targeted and reaching the right people. 

Not sure how to identify your target audience? We’ve created a handy guide to help you. 

Key messages and proof points

A PR campaign is a great way to ensure your key messages are conveyed in an effective and efficient way. It might be that you want the world to know that your packaging is made from recycled materials or that you are an award-winning organisation. Think about what your key messages are and include them in your brief.

Being able to back up your key messages is also incredibly important. What are your proof points? Do you have all the necessary paperwork that shows your products are recycled? If you say you’re award-winning – what awards have you won? Research from the industry you operate within can also be a useful proof point.


This may sound like a simple one but outlining your expectations from the get-go can only be a good thing. You’re looking for PR support, so be clear about what exactly you are expecting to get from this support. You might be keen to increase print coverage, boost your broadcast coverage or just create more of a buzz about your brand. Whatever your expectations are, make these clear within your brief so that the response can be sure to address them. 


Being up-front about what budget you have for you PR campaign will help inform a realistic and achievable response to your brief. Do you have an additional budget for photography or videography? Do you want your budget to advertorials? Give as much information as you can. 

Providing a clear and concise PR brief is an important step in creating an effective PR strategy. When done right, it provides a foundation for successful PR campaigns that will really drive results for your business.

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