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Work Experience at O’Leary PR – a blog by Sophie Forbes

This week we had the pleasure of having Sophie Forbes, a 6th year pupil at Kilgraston School in Perth, with us for some work experience.  Sophie is interested in a career in PR, so what better place to start than spending a week in a bustling PR agency.  Thankfully, it doesn’t look like we scared her off and we are looking forward to seeing Sophie progress in her chosen field – she would be a great addition to any agency. 

Over to Sophie…

When I first arrived at O’Leary PR (late, as I got lost) for my week of work experience, all of my fear disappeared. Judith, Kirrie and Katie welcomed me warmly and I instantly felt relaxed.

Things started with Kirrie talking me through my tasks for the week and explaining what O’Leary PR does and the clients. I dauntingly set about carrying out my tasks. Inevitably, at first I was nervous and a bit scared of doing something wrong, but Kirrie and Judith were very patient and eager to help when I got stuck.

By the end of the first day I had learnt how to monitor and save coverage, answer the phone in the correct way and how to schedule social media posts. By Friday I had learnt a whole range of new skills, but not without some bumps on the way, including a mishap with posting a parcel! I now know how to create spreadsheets, draw flow charts in Microsoft PowerPoint, how to write a press release and how to make a coverage book. By Friday I was also confidently answering phonecalls.

Having spent a week doing PR I am now certain that I would definitely like to do it once I have finished university. I want to thank Judith, Kirrie and Katie for giving me the opportunity to spend a week with them. Thank you for being patient with me and forgiving me when I made mistakes. Thank you for making me laugh and smile, and thank you for teaching me a whole range of new skills.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at O’Leary PR and wish Judith, Kirrie and Katie all the best, not forgetting my favourite office dogs, Siofra and Radley!

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