Top eco-friendly influencers you should be following

As an accredited Green Tourism business, we are big on sustainability and recognise the great work that green influencers are doing. We love seeing these influencers use their platforms to promote sustainability, spread the eco message far and wide, and inspire their followers to go green!

Here are some of the top sustainability influencers and journalists to help get you started on your own sustainability journey.

Jen Brownlie

Edinburgh-based blogger Jen Brownlie is a lifestyle photographer and sustainability influencer who promotes eco-friendly outfits and home décor.  Jen loves DIY projects with recycled items, as well as fashion brands that only use responsibly sourced materials. She inspires with her tips and tricks, which we call all imitate and bring into our own lives. Jen is a firm believer that choosing to live a more natural, simple, and sustainable lifestyle shouldn’t involve sacrificing the things you love – instead, it’s about making small changes that fit your lifestyle, and showing kindness and thought through your choices and being aware of your impact on other people and the planet.

Mikaela Loach

Mikaela Loach is a climate justice activist based in Edinburgh who has been nominated for the Global Citizen Prize: UK’s Hero Award. She was also named on BBC Women’s House Power List for her activism work.

Mikaela is a medical student at the University of Edinburgh and uses her Instagram platform of over 100,000 followers to work towards making the climate movement more inclusive, focusing on the intersections of the climate crisis with human rights issues such as white supremacy and maltreatment of migrants. Alongside Josephine Becker, Mikaela is the co-producer, writer, and presenter of the YIKES podcast, which explores climate change, human rights, and social justice. 

Josephine Becker

Activist and researcher Josephine is dedicated to climate justice, feminism, and degrowth. She holds a Masters degree in Sustainability and Behaviour Change with a focus on societal transformation.

When not in movement spaces, Josephine expands on these topics on her Instagram and on the YIKES podcast with Mikaela Loach. A recent podcast sees the dynamic duo join in an important discussion with the wonderful Vanessa Nakate about her climate work. You can tune in to that conversation here:

Less Waste Laura

Laura Young, aka ‘Less Waste Laura’, is a climate activist, environmental scientist, and advocate for living sustainably, currently based in Glasgow.

Since 2018, Laura has been on a journey to make her personal lifestyle more sustainable through reducing her plastic use and carbon footprint, advocating for a whole lifestyle response to the injustices we see every day.

From fashion and food, to travelling and homeware, Laura has been seeking out the more ethical and sustainable practices for individuals and businesses alike.

She uses her Masters degree in Environmental Protection and Management to help share the importance of reducing plastic consumption, and continues to work with individuals, businesses, charities and government organisations to keep the pressure on seeking environmental justice.

Moral Fibres

Edinburgh-based blogger Moral Fibres is run by Wendy, who is on a mission to prove that sustainable living is ‘hip, not hippie’. Involved with sustainability since graduating university Wendy has years of experience working in the sustainable transport sector.

If you’re interested in no-nonsense tips on how to make your life greener, Moral Fibres is the place to go – with tons of practical advice for fledgling eco-warriors, from a list of eco-conscious fashion brands to how to revive tired bees.

Planet Scotland

Planet Scotland is an independently published blog focusing on climate and sustainability. Incorporating a series of spotlight pieces on ‘The Glasgow Agreement’, the platform was set up by journalist Shaun Milne, who has been writing about environmental issues for more than twenty years.

Trash is for Tossers

This blog is as sassy as it is sustainable – founder Lauren started Trash is for Tossers when she began her attempt to live a zero-waste lifestyle. With categories such as ‘easy changes’ and tips on waste-free shopping, Laura provides some great advice for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Beginner-friendly and very relatable, Laura’s blog is perfect for sustainability newbies, providing loads of links to sustainable fashion, food and lifestyle brands.

John Vidal

John was the Guardian’s environment editor for 27 years, writing passionately about the issues facing the planet, from the politics of climate change to sustainable food production. He is also the author of McLibel: Burger Culture on Trial, the unlikely but true story of how members of Greenpeace were accused by libel by McDonald’s.

John contributes to outlets such as HuffPost, where his articles reflect his fervent belief in exposing the true extent of the damage we are doing to the planet. Read his articles for hard-hitting truths that prove why sustainability is so important.

James Murray

James is the editor of BusinessGreen, the UK’s leading source of news and information for the green economy. One of the country’s foremost commentators on the low carbon economy, James also writes for the Guardian and has reported for BBC Radio.

Reporting daily on a wide range of sustainable business issues, he is particularly interested in low carbon policy, the economy and technology. BusinessGreen is for anyone seeking an insight into the wider economic and political impacts of sustainability.

Ilona Amos

Ilona is a prolific Scottish environment correspondent, writing for a wide range of outlets such as The Scotsman and the Edinburgh Evening News.

She writes on all manner of topics relating to sustainability, from the plight of rare species to the ongoing fight against the outpouring of plastic into the oceans. Ilona knows the sustainability scene in Scotland inside and out, so look for her name if you want reliable eco-focussed news.

BBC Earth

BBC Earth is a blog whichprovides a range of bite-sized stories with intriguing headlines such as ‘will snow become a thing of the past?’ and ‘why is anyone still whaling?’.

There’s a good selection of environment-based posts alongside those which focus on animal facts and phenomena, so it’s good for those with a general interest in the natural world who are also partial to a smattering of climate and sustainability think-pieces.

Here at Represent, our passion for sustainability means we not only adopt sustainable approaches within the office (find out how you can make your office greener), but we are also firm believers that marketers are in a powerful position to influence environmental change at scale, harnessing brand power.

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