The Scottish business journalists you need to know

In today’s competitive media landscape, gaining coverage isn’t simply about having a good story to tell – knowing the right journalists to approach, their interests, common writing topics and previous experience is critical to getting your name in print.

At Represent, we regularly connect with the nation’s top business journalists to help our clients gain the very best coverage that elevates their brand and boosts their reputation.

Want to stay in the know? Scroll on down for the Scottish business journalists you need to have on your radar.

Greig Cameron, The Times Scotland

Scottish Business Editor for The Times, Grieg Cameron covers stories across the business sector from start-ups and their founders to the economy as a whole.

With a wealth of experience across several Scottish publications including The Herald, Grieg knows what readers value – evident in his winning of best financial/business writer at the Scottish Press Awards in 2018, 2020 and 2021. Having worked with Cameron directly on more than one occasion, we can say he often prefers a personal approach to storytelling – often preferring to speak directly to entrepreneurs to gain insight into what makes them tick.

Emma Newlands, The Scotsman

Emma Newlands at The Scotsman offers a unique take on business stories with an analytical eye yet personal touch. Covering a broad range of topics from breaking news to company moves, Emma clearly has her finger on the pulse when it comes to Scottish business stories.

Regularly holding interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs, Emma offers hard-hitting business profiles.

Keep an eye on The Scotsman for her accessible and expert business insights.

Scott Wright, The Herald

Glasgow-based Wright covers a wide array of business-related subjects as Deputy Business Editor. Wright often seeks to interview key movers and shakers driving change in Scotland’s economic landscape, a part of the role he truly enjoys!  Beyond entrepreneurs and policymakers, Wright also covers personal finance stories, a very topical subject in today’s financial climate. With a keen interest in the Scottish drinks industry, Wright is one to keep on your radar for all things business (and whisky!).

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, The National

Proud Scotsman Gordon MacIntyre has a strong interest in the Scottish economy. His interests lie largely in the effect that independence would have on Scotland’s economy. His ‘Reinventing Scotland’ newsletter, published weekly through The National, focuses on the wellbeing economy and its benefits. MacIntyre-Kemp is a strong supporter of Scottish independence and is the founder of Believe in Scotland, a grassroots independence advocating group.

Peter Walker, Business Insider

Writer and Content Editor, Walker is responsible for the team behind Business The publication covers broad topics in addition to breaking news and analysis and founded the Deals and Dealmakers Awards, a celebration of the Scottish sector’s best and brightest. With previous experience at the Financial Times, Walker is an experienced financial journalist and often reports on market updates as well as national business trends.

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