tHe Haymarket & Dalry Colonies Create Sense of Place


tHe Haymarket development has joined forces with Dalry Colonies Residents’ Association to create a visual depiction of life past and present in the Dalry colonies.

Dating back to the late 1860s, the Dalry Colonies have a rich heritage that has developed through the decades. Now with nearing completion of underground work on the tunnels beneath tHe Haymarket site, the development team were keen to consider ways in which the high profile office, hotel and retail development can support the work of the Dalry Colonies Residents’ Association.

First on the agenda is the development of a visual representation of Haymarket life on the hoardings surrounding the development site and facing the Colonies.

A meeting, facilitated by Here + Now, was held with residents in which themes including social history, architecture and design and living were explored. It is hoped that a new hoarding, which provides a snapshot of life in the Colonies, will be in place in early autumn.

Commenting on the initiative, Barbie Lyon, Dalry Colonies Residents’ Association said: “The Colonies has always been a progressive and inclusive place to live and we are looking forward to working with our new neighbours to explore how we can benefit from the development which will change the landscape of the area. It was a very enjoyable meeting which uncovered a number of hidden gems about the Colonies.”

David Westwater from tHe Haymarket added: “Similar to the design of these homes, the values of good design and connectivity are at the heart of tHe Haymarket development. We have been hugely impressed with the proactive way in which the Dalry Colonies Residents’ Association have engaged with the development team and we are confident that with some creative thinking we can create a lasting legacy from which the whole Haymarket area will benefit.”

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