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QHotels leads the way in sustainable best practice with Green Tourism awards

UK-based QHotels has received top recognition for sustainable best practice as Green Tourism, the world’s largest sustainable certification programme of its kind, has awarded Gold & Silver accreditations to each of its 26 hotel destinations around the UK.

Managing staff green teams, investing in sustainable technologies, developing innovative practices and effective customer communications has resulted in 21 gold and 7 silver awards for the award-winning hotel group, including hotels and owner clubs.

Practicing sustainable initiatives has been proven to generate greater economic benefits for the business, local communities and provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists, by creating meaningful connections with local people.

Green Tourism works with over 2,000 businesses, in the hospitality and tourism sector, across the UK and abroad, to implement sustainable practices.Every hotel assessed within the QHotels group maintained or improved on its rating from previous assessments proving that continued sustainable practices have positive business benefits.

As part of ongoing group relations Green Tourism also awarded individual awards within QHotels for Best Green Display, Best Staff Engagement and Most Innovative Site.

The Midland Hotel in Manchester was recognised as the most innovative site, for work involving installing induction cookers, cleaning water using ionisation and planting an extensive rooftop garden to grow herbs and flowers for use on the hotel menu.

Best Green Display was awarded to Bridgewood Manor in Chatham for its great consumer communication, including informing guests of appropriate local activities, selling local honey and other products and even hosting a seasonal butterfly farm for guests to watch caterpillars transform to butterflies.

Cheltenham Chase was awarded Best Staff Engagement. Excelling in staff communication and involvement, the four-star hotel has implemented a Green Team, which helps staff focus on targets for minimising waste, saving energy and wowing the customer.

Speaking about the latest awards Jon Proctor, chief executive of Green Tourism and assessor, said: “QHotels is a leading green business, and the latest assessments demonstrate this as the company’s sustainability rating goes from strength to strength.

“There is an excellent synergy between top-level management and day-to-day running of the hotels, with feedback and suggestion ensuring that the business operates well in a sustainable way – something QHotels should be proud of.”

Michael Purtill, Managing Director at QHotels said: “Demonstrating our green credentials is important to us and our guests, so there has been an enormous effort by our hotel teams to ensure we continue to be leaders in sustainability within the UK hotel sector.”Their hard work and innovation has really paid off and it’s great to see that the investments we have made have been recognised by Green Tourism.”

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