McCreath Simpson & Prentice Invest in Staff Training


McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP), a trading division of Simpsons Malt Ltd, is demonstrating its commitment to providing expert advice to growers as another member of staff has completed first stage examinations.

John Stafford (43), from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, based at the Berwick-upon-Tweed headquartered company has recently passed his FACTS examination, and is now fully qualified to give fertiliser advice to farmer customers as part of his Farm Trader role.

MSP is involved in cereal and grass seed, fertiliser, livestock feeds and grain merchanting throughout Scotland and the North of England. Their aim is to train key staff so they can support growers from seed through all its growing stages.

Richard Simpson, Vice-Chairman of Simpsons Malt Ltd, said: “Presenting well-qualified, knowledgeable staff who can advise growers correctly is one of McCreath Simpson & Prentice’s key objectives.

“Our clients have come to expect a certain level of expertise when purchasing seeds, fertiliser or weed and pest control products – they want recommendations on the best products to use and this can only come from qualified individuals who have both knowledge and experience.”

Speaking about his training experience, John said: “I have been at MSP for six years and I am constantly encouraged to improve my knowledge through training schemes. Passing my FACTS exam is the latest level of my training and I look forward to getting started on the BASIS training and exams.”

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