What can we learn from the sweet evolution of Golden Syrup’s bold rebrand journey?

Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a beloved pantry staple, recently shook things up with a daring partial rebrand. Cherished for its rich colour and sweet taste, the brand faced a challenge – how to stay current in a market craving novelty while preserving its classic appeal.

The reasons behind Golden Syrup’s revamped look and feel in 2024 were as complex as the syrup itself. The logo of a deceased lion and swarming bees from a biblical tale and its iconic tin designed in 1883 was precious to both founder Abram Lyle and Golden Syrup loyalists. It was even the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s oldest unchanged packaging.

Containing cherished memories of baking and family breakfasts, the tin was deemed too risky to be changed. Therefore, the focus was placed on its squeezy bottle with the new logo of a lion’s head paying homage to Lyle’s brand heritage.

The strategic rebrand is a step to attract a broader market appreciating modern aesthetics and traditional taste betting on the idea that classics never lose their charm.

Over the years, Represent has partnered with many heritage brands seeking to stay current while preserving their established brand essence. 

In one such recent brand refresh – Chippendale International School of Furniture – Represent worked with the husband-and-wife team to create a new logo that captures the essence of the brand’s storied legacy, breathing fresh life into its classic identity.

With a keen eye for aesthetic pleasure and a nod to modern sensibilities, the redesign pays homage to tradition while conveying a forward-thinking approach to teaching timeless craftsmanship.

Incorporated into the rebrand are whimsical illustrations that echo the quirky spirit of the Chippendale School, such as the depiction of the iconic school building, classic wooden chairs and family dogs, symbolising the institution’s warm and unique learning environment.

This renewal of the Chippendale School brand strikes a delicate balance between honouring its past and embracing a future filled with creativity and innovation ensuring the school retains its world-class positioning.

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