My experience as a paid intern at Represent

Represent’s latest intern, Mary Helen, has been with us for the last 3 months – and how we have loved having her. Here, she shares why she wanted to intern at the agency and details of her experience on the job.

There’s a certain time in the university calendar when students (and their parents) start discussing the possibility of a summer internship. Some of my peers dreamed of punching numbers for the likes of Goldman Sachs or getting coffee for Vogue’s editor. I, on the other hand, wanted hands-on experience in the world of PR and communications.

Sitting in my childhood bedroom in South Carolina over the Christmas holidays, I began my internship search the way I know best, Google. After a quick search of the “Best PR agencies in Scotland” (ambitious I know) I quickly found Represent, an award-winning PR and digital marketing agency based in my favourite city – Edinburgh.

A few email exchanges, phone call and one interview later, my application to intern at Represent was accepted.

Over the course of my internship, I have been fully immersed in the PR and marketing of a range of impressive Scottish businesses. A stand-out moment for me was the opportunity to work at one of Represent’s longest-held clients, the Royal Highland Show. From creating social media posts to supporting photoshoots and attending a press conference, I have gained invaluable insight into everything that goes into a successful PR campaign. Learning from experts I have gained a new appreciation for the immense creativity, planning, attention to detail and grit that goes into the job. Plus, I now know first-hand the incredibly rewarding feeling of seeing an event go to plan!

The best part of interning at Represent has been the degree of freedom allowed to me, and the sense of inclusion I feel from the team. They have supported my development and taught me the ropes of working as a PR professional.

One of my assignments has been filling in as an event and communications manager for a client, a task that seemed incredibly daunting at first. However, with the support of Judith, our managing director, lots of learning on the job, and careful planning, I have now gained confidence in this temporary role. There really is no better way to gain experience than by simply jumping in and doing it!

Our Intern, Mary Helen, participating in a client’s photoshoot

Day-to-day, I have my regular tasks, collecting coverage for clients, social media, content scheduling and so much more! Having said that, no day is the same, and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that PR and marketing is a dynamic industry that requires a thoughtful and innovative team that is dedicated to their clients, a team like Represent!

Six months ago in South Carolina, I had no idea what to expect from an internship. Now, here I am – 4,000 miles away and 2 months into a marketing internship at an award-winning PR agency. I can’t wait to go even further with the help and expertise of the team.

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