The Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Public Relations

As a curious and ambitious agency, Represent continuously explores emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionise operations and exceed industry standards. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured our attention. We have been actively experimenting with its applications to enhance productivity and provide value to clients and our business.  Through extensive research, insightful lectures and webinars, and talking with AI experts, it is evident that when harnessed effectively, AI can reshape modern business practices. This blog takes a look at the effects AI is having on Public Relations (PR). 

AI as Assistive Technology

While excited about the opportunities AI presents, Represent maintains a cautious and meticulous approach, recognising the inherent risks of emerging technologies. We view AI as assistive technology, complementing the skill sets of our team and streamlining time-consuming administrative tasks.  

We acknowledge that despite remarkable capabilities, AI has limitations. Some examples include: inaccurate information, misleading information, and data recency issues. Did you know ChatGPT v4 has ‘limited knowledge’ only researching up to 2021?!  

Adhering as always to Google’s E-E-A-T principles (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness), we remain committed to producing high-quality, original, and helpful content. Further, Google states in black and white that it will class AI-generated content intended to manipulate SEO as S-P-A-M! 

The Role of AI in PR and Communications

Through all of our research, one thing is clear: AI is not poised to replace PR and communication professionals, journalists, or publicists. Rather, it will serve as a catalyst for efficiency through automation. By saving time on repetitive tasks like reporting, AI can enable our team to focus on creative and strategic endeavours. They can also continue building relationships with key influencers and media. However, the introduction of generative AI marks a significant advancement in technology with the potential to enhance the sector. 

Insights from Industry Experts

From PR Moment “What are the implications of generative AI for public relations?” Webinar, 4 May 2023 

  • Aaron Kwittken, founder of PRophet AI, highlights the dominance of analog processes in communication technology. He believes the power of generative and predictive AI platforms like PRophet lies in their ability to enhance productivity and performance by replacing instinct with intelligence. 
  • Allison Spray, managing director of Data + Analytics at Hill Knowlton Strategies, emphasises AI’s benefits in deriving insights from data, optimising workflows, and automating processes. However, she notes the need for the PR industry to embrace feedback loops to successfully integrate AI as other industries have done. 
  • Andrew Bruce Smith, founder of Escherman, stresses the importance of experimentation with new AI tools, transparency, and stresses the importance of human input and prompts for successful implementation. 
  • Rosie Bannister, managing director of Axicom, predicts that AI will reshape PR agencies, freeing up time for strategic thinking though she also highlights the irreplaceable role of humans in accuracy, rapport building, storytelling, emotional intelligence, reputation management, crisis communications, and strategic guidance. 
Represent’s Stance on Generative AI 

Represent firmly believes in embracing generative AI. We will use it as a tool that empowers our team to deliver greater value and efficiency to clients. Leveraging generative AI has the potential to increase productivity, optimise workflows, and provide valuable data insights.  

However, we recognise the enduring value of human expertise, storytelling, and strategic thinking. These cannot be replicated by AI models at this time (and hopefully never will!) Responsible implementation and continuous adaptation are crucial for the future of the PR industry and developing our own systems. 

Where do we go from here? 

The integration of generative AI into the PR industry holds tremendous potential for optimising capabilities. Represent will continue to balance the transformative power of AI with the recognition of the invaluable human touch in PR and communications.  

Our aim is to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional results for our clients while upholding the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and transparency. AI will play a complementary (not supplementary) role in achieving this. 

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