The best sources of renewable energy news in the UK

As the UK continues to make strides towards a more sustainable future, staying informed about renewable energy developments is crucial to those of us who want to make lasting change.

From new governments to changing policies and technological advancements, to industry trends and expert opinions, there are a wide range of information sources available to us. 

Here’s our guide to the most reliable and informed energy news sources in the UK: 

Industry publications and websites

RenewableUK is the country’s leading renewable energy trade association, providing comprehensive news, reports, and analysis on wind, wave, and tidal energy. Its website features industry updates, policy news, and event information so a great one to keep an eye on.

Solar Power Portal is focused on the UK’s solar energy sector. It offers news, blogs, and analysis on solar technology, projects, and policy changes and is an essential resource for anyone interested in the UK’s solar industry.

Energy Voice covers the entire energy sector, with a dedicated section for renewables. It provides news, expert analysis, and insights on renewable energy projects, market trends, and regulatory changes in the UK. Its podcast offers another valuable source of information. 

Scottish Renewables is the voice of Scotland’s renewable energy industry and is well worth a follow. Its news section delves into the latest green statistics, responds to topical issues as they happen and takes a look at the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Scotland. 

Government and regulatory bodies

UK Government – Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is the official source for UK government energy policies, including renewable energy initiatives. The website offers news releases, policy documents, and updates on government-funded renewable projects. Something worth keeping an eye on, especially in light of the election. 

Scottish Government Renewable and Low Carbon Energy provides an overview of the latest climate policy actions across Scotland including the Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme and the Climate Change Monitoring Report. 

Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) is the regulator for electricity and gas markets in Great Britain. The site provides news and reports on regulatory changes, market developments, and renewable energy support schemes. It’s a vital resource to keep on top of the ever-changing renewables landscape in the UK.

General news outlets

The Guardian – Environment covers a wide range of topics, including renewable energy, providing in-depth analysis and coverage of the latest developments in the UK’s renewable energy sector.

BBC News – Science & Environment offers balanced and comprehensive coverage of renewable energy news across the UK. The Science & Environment section includes articles on UK-specific renewable energy projects, policies, and innovations and it’s one we keep an eye on on a daily basis at Represent HQ. And for Scotland-specific renewables news, be sure to keep an eye on the Scottish Renewables section.


Energy Institute Podcasts The Energy Institute offers podcasts that cover a broad range of topics within the energy sector, including renewable energy. These podcasts often feature expert guests and provide insights into the latest industry trends and developments so always worth a listen.

RenewableUK Webinars RenewableUK also hosts webinars on various renewable energy topics, from technological advancements to policy changes. These webinars are a valuable resource for staying informed and gaining expert knowledge.

And don’t forget to check out our blog on the best sustainable influencers to follow on social media too.

Keeping up with renewable energy news is essential for anyone committed to building a more sustainable future in the UK. By using these resources, you can stay informed about the latest developments, trends, and insights in the renewable energy sector. 

Whether you prefer in-depth articles, real-time updates, or community discussions, there’s a wealth of information available to help you navigate the dynamic world of renewable energy across the UK.

If you’re looking to raise awareness of your sustainable business and feature in some of these outlets, then we’d love to chat.

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