4 ways to secure investment through PR

For many entrepreneurs and start-ups, securing funding is one of the biggest challenges they will face in the first few years of running a business. We know this because we speak to and have worked with lots of companies in this very position. Securing that all important seed round or Series A funding can be the difference between success and failure and will determine future growth, even in the difficult times we find ourselves.

We often get asked whether PR can really help a business attract the attention of potential investors. And the answer is, when executed correctly, yes it absolutely can. Establishing credibility and getting on the radar of investors are both absolutely essential when it comes to securing any form of investment. Here are 4 ways PR can help:

Tell your story

A lot of companies go wrong with PR because they are too overly promotional. Unless you’re Apple, no journalist really wants to write about your new product launch or the fact you have moved offices. And that’s not interesting to investors either. They want to know about how your business is changing an industry for the better and challenging the status quo. How is your business competing with the industry stalwarts? Position yourself as in industry gamechanger, in the right media you know potential investors are reading, and they’ll start to stand up and take notice.

Own an issue

Keep an eye on what is happening in the news and this will help you position yourself as a trustworthy industry commentator, all the while building credibility for you as the founder and for your business. Journalists love to speak to business leaders with a strong opinion so pick an issue that is important to your business and become a champion of that cause.

Win some awards

It sounds simple enough, but winning awards can go a long way to building heaps of credibility for your brand. Investors will be keeping an eye on which companies are winning and being shortlisted when awards season comes around. They are a great way of positioning your business as the industry disruptor which is what every investor is looking for. We know award entries can be lengthy and tiresome, which is why we have put together this handy guide to writing a killer award entry, but they are really worth it.

Play the long game

Most start-ups we speak to want to launch with a bang, but when it comes to attracting the attention of investors, it’s a mistake to invest your entire budget into a couple of months. The best PR programmes keep your name and your company’s name popping up regularly over a sustained period of time – keeping you front of mind with investors.

Securing investment is tough. And the hardest bit is getting on the radar of potential investors in the first place. Once you have done your research as to who they are and what they read, building credibility for your brand and giving your business a voice through sustained PR activity, as well as winning or being short listed for some awards, will go a long way towards securing that all-important investment.

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