Represent’s Top Social Media Trends of 2024

The team are hard at work planning our campaigns for the year ahead. With our ears to the ground and fingers on the pulse (you know the gist!) we have noticed some interesting social media trends emerging this year. 

We asked Team Represent to identify some of the top 2024 social media trends to have on your radar.  

Judith: Embracing AI

AI is a hot topic that isn’t going away anytime soon, with organisations preparing to double their use of AI across various activities this year. That being said, we need to use it cautiously when creating social media content.

Tools such as ChatGPT have a distinct tone of voice. The more we explore this type of generative AI, we see the predictability in the content it generates as well as the language it uses. Don’t assume you’re the only one tapping into this resource!

Ultimately, the importance is not about how the content is created but rather the quality of output, and crucially, whether it resonates with consumers. Above all, search engines like Google will favour helpful, well-written content created by people who know what they are talking about over samey churned-out trend talk, so use a human voice!

Grainne: Creating a community

Shifting away from the hyperfocus on social reach, this year is all about nurturing your community! Maintaining a connection and dialogue with your followers requires intentional communication and attentive listening. 

Truly engaging with followers also requires precision. To get the content right, start by honing your brand’s tone of voice and establishing core content pillars before drafting ANYTHING…

Respond thoughtfully and promptly to enquiries and comments, while injecting your brand’s personality to bring about the meaningful interactions and connections that the ‘perpetually online’ crave.

Why is relevancy crucial? Because crafting content that truly resonates hinges on it – force-fitting into irrelevant trends only dilutes your brand’s authenticity and credibility.

And let’s not forget the vital role of agility and responsiveness. The faster you adapt and react, the more you’ll outpace the competition and solidify your community’s loyalty!

Erin: The resurgence of long-form content

Before TikTok, there was Instagram, and before that, we had YouTube – a treasure trove of long-form video content covering everything under the sun. While TikToks and Reels have dominated our short-form video consumption, the winds of change are blowing, and 2024 marks the return of long-form content!

I first noticed this shift in content last year with the Wes Anderson TikTok trend – creative content that embraced a slower pace and was a total divergence from what is expected on the app.

Surprisingly, the resurgence of slower-paced and long-form content isn’t solely fuelled by creators going against the grain; it’s part of TikTok’s business strategy. As TikTok seeks ways to monetise its videos in a similar format to YouTube, the platform is favouring longer videos, actively encouraging creators to create videos lasting over a minute. While TikTok deliberately pushes for this shift, there’s an obvious surge in interest for long-form content, with YouTube (the go-to for long videos) ranking third among the most popular social media apps, even ahead of TikTok.

For social media managers and content creators, it is still important to remember that quality triumphs over quantity. While the trend is leaning toward longer videos getting the spotlight, it’s crucial to assess whether it aligns with your brand, product, and assets you currently have. Keep an eye on the trends, but don’t forget the power of well-crafted, impactful content that suits your unique style and message – not just video length!

Melissa: 2024: Full-time accountant, part-time content creator  

Authenticity is the golden relic of any brand. Everyone wants it, few can achieve it. Perhaps this is why we have seen an explosion of content showing ‘BTS’ of businesses in recent years. 

Perfected by the ladies at SheerLuxe, the move to reveal ‘the people behind the brands’ enables followers to get a glimpse of a business’s inner workings and get to know the personalities that make up our favourite organisations. Giving employees a voice, be it via trending TikToks or LinkedIn op-eds, allows brands to influence their audience in a much more personal and authentic way than any social media statement.  

Jen: Generation Alpha…loading…

Brace yourselves for a reality check – 2024 is the year Generation Alpha steps into the media limelight. Yes, those born after 2010… £30 Drunk Elephant moisturiser on Christmas wish lists, queues forming in the wee house of the morning for limited edition Stanley Cups, this generation is already shaping consumer trends, despite relying on the bank of mum and dad. 

The emerging shopping patterns indicate that Generation Alpha is still influenced by social media and online adverts. However, having come of age in a perpetually digital world, these teens and pre-teens have become skilled in spotting inauthentic campaigns. Whilst utilising influencers and online personalities for marketing campaigns is nothing new, we are increasingly seeing the rise in the influence of nano and micro-influencers. Younger audiences tend to seek out content creators that speak to them and their needs. Trust is, therefore, developed and from there, a steadfast loyalty!


For marketers and social media managers, reaching this new generation is a balancing act. It’s about understanding their quirks without coming off as patronising – and most importantly, taking advantage of the evolving use of social media.

So, if you want to capture the attention of today’s generation, authenticity is key. Say goodbye to cringy clichés, or risk being mocked by a tween – not a good look.

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